Is age just a number?

I started college when I was 20 and ever since then I have been really age orientated.

What age will I be when I finish?

Oh god if I do another 2 years I’ll be 26, how long will I have to work before I qualify for a mortgage?

Is 29 too late to have children?

These questions sound ridiculously crazy believe me I know. My friends are like ‘take your time you’ve all the time in the world’ but I don’t feel like that. This is my second week with no job, it is emotionally draining.

I feel like this is the biggest waste of a year, am I working? No. Am I working towards a qualification? Also no.

Teaching is what I really want to do but unless I have a job I won’t be able to pay back the loan. So travel first or train to be a teacher first. So many decisions.

Having all this free time is making me think and then think more and then over think the last thing I thought about. I am trying to be and stay positive but to be honest I am just treating this blog like my diary so that is more than likely why it has a sad feel to it.

Talking about things to friends and family is fine but at times I feel like a broken record. So dah dah, thank you wordpress for my little blog to rant about my feelings and stresses. Even if no one reads it feels good to type it all out.

And by god that is exactly what I am doing.


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